The next generation of emergency calls with the 2PCS call and location system

Specialized in the needs of the professional care and support industry, meta-care GmbH presents the next generation of emergency calls from 2PCS Solutions GmbH. According to the principle of “more freedom through security”, mobile security components and functions that can be adapted according to requirements do not reduce personal security to a “room” or a “house”, but rather extends it to the entire individual living space.

Modern system architecture for more flexibility

The 2PCS call and location system enables safe and fast call transmission and position determination when a call is triggered. Depending on the functions of the respective 2PCS device (2PCS safety watch, 2PCS radio finger and 2PCS pear button) and the system settings, an indoor or outdoor position is automatically calculated in the background. In addition to central user data (anonymized if required), the call type (triggering event, such as a manual call, fall, run away, etc.) and the call location (e.g. 1st floor – room 303 or main entrance) are sent to the nursing and care staff when the call is forwarded transmitted. Status-based call forwarding, real-time documentation of system and user activities as well as the archiving of completed calls support professional call management.

Areas of application

The system is configured appropriately for different inpatient, outpatient and alternative forms of care and support, including mixed forms. With minimal planning and installation effort, 2PCS can be efficiently integrated into existing structures. Even with completely or partially failed call systems or call components, 2PCS can be retrofitted ad hoc in order to remain able to act even in emergency situations (conversion, water damage, crisis situations, etc.).

We would be happy to advise and assist you with the planning and installation of a 2PCS call and location system tailored to your care and support organization.