Alerts nursing staff immediately as soon as emergency situation is detected

The complete digital solution for nursing…

A modular, intelligent sensor system with comprehensive software increases the safety of the residents and relieves the nursing staff

Areas of application

Retirement and nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, psychiatric clinics as well as assisted living group facilities.


  • Contactless measurement through unobtrusive sensors on wall, ceiling or bed frame
  • Central gateway in the control panel transfers data to the existing nurse call system.


  • Reliable alarm transmitter
  • Mobile use
  • Robust and durable construction

Advantages for caregivers

  • Digitalization of processes and automatic documentation
  • Alarming in case of emergency situations
  • Time saved for social interaction with residents
  • Upgrading of the nursing profession
  • No new software training required

Advantages for the resident or patient

  • Increased safety, especially between daily rounds and at night
  • Fast and targeted response options in case of deviating measurement results
  • More social interaction and acceptance towards the nursing staff
  • Maintaining the safety distance in case of illness is facilitated
  • No need to wear body sensors



  • Automating documentation optimizes workflows and provides much-needed time for caregivers. 
  • Fall detection and prevention combines safety-related, psychological and economic benefits. 
  • Pressure ulcer prevention can create significant workload savings and improve quality of life. 
  • The quantifiable benefit per month and resident is in the two- to three-digit range.


  • Increased safety through automated detection of deviations among residents
  • Simplification of work processes, since data on vital signs are available automatically 
  • Reduction of psychological stress through automated fall detection
  • Reduction in the number of rounds required to check on residents at risk of falling, especially at night 
  • Faster intervention possible due to nurse call system alarms 
  • Reduced workload by eliminating the need for extensive care of decubiti


  • Detection of potential deviations in the state of health
  • Opportunity for more detailed examination by healthcare professionals
  • Increased social interaction by saving time for caregivers 
  • Increased safety through immediate detection of falls
  • Reducing the consequences of falls and therefore the risk of reduced activity 
  • Quality of life can be significantly increased through pressure ulcer prevention


  • Increased sense of security and confidence in the health status of family residents
  • Ability to automate report generation for family members with important resident information
  • Significant increase in data quantity and quality for future applications

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